XI 40cm Bronze (Gold)

禧 is a blessing coveted by everyone, regardless of race, culture or religion. In our strive for happiness, it is often remarked that there is not enough of it in our world. Hence a joyous occasion filled with 禧 is celebrated with much fanfare, particularly in Chinese culture. Such occasions include the birth of a newborn child, moving into a new home, family reunions and most importantly, wedding celebrations. The character is conspicuously exhibited at the celebrations, usually depicted in red.

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The Auspicious Series, commissioned and launched by METAKAOS COLLECTIONS which consists of the Chinese calligraphy characters '福 Fu', '禄 Lu', '寿Shou' and '禧 Xi' in limited edition pieces. These are traditionally the four elements of prosperity and good life in Chinese culture. They are represented as three-dimensional pieces written in an abstract Chinese calligraphic style.