SHOU 40cm Bronze (Gold)

SHOU (Longevity)
Legend has it that 寿 was a child who spent nine years in the womb of his mother. His mother became impregnated after looking at the Star of the South Pole. The pregnancy, which was supposed to last 10 years, only lasted nine thanks to a cunning plan. 寿 was originally to be born only after the eyes of the stone dragon turned red. Seeing how his wife was unable to tolerate the pains of pregnancy any longer, the husband painted the eyes of the stone dragon with pig's blood. The plan worked and when the child was born, his parents decided to name him after the Star of the South Pole, Shou Xing.

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The Auspicious Series, commissioned and launched by METAKAOS COLLECTIONS which consists of the Chinese calligraphy characters '福 Fu', '禄 Lu', '寿Shou' and '禧 Xi' in limited edition pieces. These are traditionally the four elements of prosperity and good life in Chinese culture. They are represented as three-dimensional pieces written in an abstract Chinese calligraphic style.