FU 40cm Bronze (Gold)

FU (Prosperity)
The origins of 福 can be traced back to Emperor Wu of Liang (r. 502-550 CE) who had an unkind practice of conscripting midgets into his court for his own amusement. Unhappy, Yang Cheng, the governor of Daozhou in Hunan Province, stood up to the Emperor and saw to the abolishment of the practice. Yang Cheng thus became immortalised a deity who brings blessings and happiness.

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The Auspicious Series, commissioned and launched by METAKAOS COLLECTIONS which consists of the Chinese calligraphy characters '福 Fu', '禄 Lu', '寿Shou' and '禧 Xi' in limited edition pieces. These are traditionally the four elements of prosperity and good life in Chinese culture. They are represented as three-dimensional pieces written in an abstract Chinese calligraphic style.