Bull Bronze (Coppery)

The Bull (Courage) The Bull, an oft perceived, less-than-delicate animal holds a lot more dignity with its immovable determination. In the business world, The Bull is a symbol of strength and accuracy that will always result in successes and admirations in whatever it is determined to achieve.

Size Height: 10 cm Width: 8 cm Length: 24.5 cm Material: Bronze

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The Power Series sculpted by Prompun Sirinudsomboon is Metakaos first new artist collection series, following the successful launch of the inaugural "The Auspicious Series" and "Zodiac Series". This collection is modelled after powerful animals from the animal kingdom. Each of these animals are portrayed in poses that take on the form of their unique personality. The 8 animals represent a range of different personalities, such as Supremacy (Bear), Courage (Bull), Invincibility (Rhinoceros), Acumen (Elephant), Reverence (Eagle), Endurance (Horse), Sovereignty (Lion), Agility (Panther). This is a limited edition series.